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SampleManager LIMS Software

Thermo Scientific™

Biobanks play a crucial role in effective management and storage of critical scientific data: biological samples. For pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, diagnostic laboratories, and scientific research organizations, sample integrity is key to ensuring robust and replicable results.

Various laboratory instruments and software systems can be integrated with SampleManager software, creating a unified data repository. SampleManager software can scale with your work and manage not only the biorepository but also the laboratory and all associated data and metadata, providing the following key benefits: 

  • Comprehensive record of sample origin, including data protection forms and informed patient consent. 
  • Barcode-driven processes to enable automated control. 
  • Streamlined sample access and management procedures. 
  • Improved inventory management processes using a step-by-step sample relocation workflow. 
  • Quick insight into your laboratory work and data. 
  • Option for implementation using Thermo Fisher control infrastructure, including servers, operating systems, databases, backup, disaster recovery, and information security monitoring, reducing initial hardware and ongoing IT costs.

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