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Cell and gene therapy

Since its first investigation in 1982, the life science research community has placed great hopes in the potential of cell therapy. Repairing damaged tissues, treating once-incurable diseases - cellular therapy offers profound possibilities for situations that were once considered beyond the reach of modern science.

By 2001, scientists had not only used cell therapy technology to create the first beating heart cells outside of the human body but also bestowed upon the world a zoological wonder: Dolly, the most famous sheep in the world. The capacity of this expanding field to change the course of healthcare technology seems boundless.

However, cell therapy is not without practical challenges. Through education on how cell therapy works and identifying potential solutions to its obstacles, we can all contribute to empowering cellular therapy technology.

What is cell and genetic therapy

The process of cultivating cells and introducing them into a cellular environment as a therapeutic treatment and therapeutic relief in the treatment of diseases, neurological disorders, or major accidents.

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