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Instruments for microtiter plates

Thermo Scientific™

Measure various signals, including fluorescence, absorption, luminescence, or time-resolved fluorescence, on Thermo Scientific microplate readers with filter or monochromator options featuring unlimited wavelength selection for routine and research analysis.

Thermo Scientific plate readers offer numerous features to save your time and increase productivity, such as self-diagnosis and automatic calibration, user-friendly SkanIt PC software, and automation readiness with robot compatibility.

Accessories like the Thermo Scientific™ μDrop™ microvolume sample plate for photometric testing, and the multimodal

-Varioskan Lux ELISA plate readers, capable of up to 5 reading techniques:

  • absorbance,
  • fluorescence,
  • luminescence,
  • AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA, and
  • time-resolved fluorescence.

-Liquid dispensing devices, including Multidrop™ Combi and Pico, provide precise dosing options, with model selections allowing dosing from 11 pL to 2500 μL.


Cell washing performance with Wellwash Versa
– Multidrop Combi
– Multidrop Pico 1 and 8 application
– Multidrop Pico1 and 8 
– Multiskan FC
– Multiskan Sky
– Varioskan LUX Multimode Reader
– Wellwash i Wellwash Versa

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