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Laminar chambers

thermo scientific

Our portfolio of biological safety cabinets provides reliable protection to users, samples, and the environment.

With decades of experience in manufacturing and innovation in laboratory equipment design, Thermo Scientific biological safety cabinets (BSCs) have been developed to continuously improve not only safety but also the user experience and laboratory reliability, instilling more confidence in laboratory safety, providing enhanced functionality, and being easier to use and maintain.

Applications: academia, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, microbiology, healthcare laboratories, cell therapy, viruses, stem cell research, hematology, work with CMR agents and prions. 

  • System self-check and automation of disinfection and contamination control are combined to offer you peace of mind in protection. 
  • Engineered for maximum sample and user safety. 
  • Thermo Scientific™ SmartFlow™, a new technology with dual DC motors. 
  • Display of the Performance Factor (PER) indicates the safety mode of operation.
  • Windows sealed against aerosols. 
  • CTS™ Cell Therapy Series of biological safety cabinets includes equipment, documentation, certificates, and compliance that support your Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 
  • Exceptional comfort and ergonomics. 
  • Energy-efficient – Our chambers reduce energy consumption by up to 68% compared to others.

MSC Advantage
– Herasafe 2030
– Heraguard ECO 
– CTS 2030i BSC Brochure

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