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Nalgene Laboratory plastics

Thermo Scientific™

Nalgene laboratory plastics cover a wide range of products for science, research, clinical diagnostics, industrialxproduction, as well as for the transportation and storage of valuable samples, intermediates, and hazardous substances.

 An ideal replacement for laboratory glass – lighter, more durable, and completely safe.

-Filter units for all applications –

Centrifuge tubes and bottles of all sizes and purposes

-Bottles and containers of various materials

– PP, Teflon, PPCO, LDPE, PETG Media bottles -Oak Ridge tubes for high-speed rotor centrifuges in refrigerated or regular centrifuges up to 50,000 xg – 12 to 100ml.

-Mr. Frosty boxes for freezing samples at an optimal rate of -1°C/min -Benchtop Cooler protects enzymes, cells, reagents, and solutions by maintaining a freezer temperature of

-20°C -All types of high-quality plastic laboratory ware -Racks for microtubes and tubes

-Floating Racks, temperature-resistant racks for samples in a water bath from -70°C to +100°C

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