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CO2 incubators

thermo scientific

Incubators of various dimensions and capacities that offer precise control of CO2, temperature, and humidity; HEPA air filtration, water reservoirs, and touch-sensitive screen control.

  • CTS™ Series CO2 incubators with shelves optimized for bioreactors
  • For optimal cell growth
  • Capacities ranging from 40 to 240 liters Contamination prevention technology
  • Stable cell cultivation conditions and reliable operation
  • Decontamination cycle at 180°C Thermo Scientific™
  • THRIVE™ active air circulation technology
  • Chamber made of stainless steel or 100% pure copper
  • Moisture-free condensation system

– Heracell 150i and 240i CO2
– CO2 Midi 40
– Cell-locker-co2-incubator 

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