Frižideri i zamrzivači Thermo Scientific™ Od +4°C do –80°C

Our proven cold storage and sample preparation solutions offer sample protection for a wide array of sample types and an even larger range of storage conditions—from 4°C high-performance laboratory refrigerators to –80°C deep freezers. Discover why researchers worldwide protect more than 2 billion samples with Thermo Scientific™ cold storage equipment and consumables. Browse our complete portfolio or let one of our experts help you make a selection.


Laboratorijski frižideri

Our laboratory refrigerators are designed specifically to protect precious biological samples. With precise temperature monitoring, they are ideal for storing vaccines, blood, reagents and other temperature-sensitive items.


Laboratorijski zamrzivači

Our laboratory freezers feature advanced control systems and alarms, making them ideal for critical life sciences, clinical, and industrial applications.


Frižideri i zamrzivači za čuvanje vakcina

Selecting the right refrigerator or freezer is critical for successful vaccine storage. Our laboratory refrigerators and freezers are designed to protect your temperature-sensitive vaccines.


Medicinski i farmaceutski frižideri i zamrzivači

When you need clinical-grade storage it's important to choose a refrigerator or freezer that is designed specifically for the demands that come with these kinds of environments. Whether it's a concern with temperature variation impacting sensitive materials, size, sound, energy use, or all of the above and more, we have the storage solution for you and for the needs of your environment.


Laboratorijski zamrzivači na -40°C

Receive uncompromised sample protection for -10°C to -40°C applications with our -40°C lab freezers. Rugged design for daily use and dependability, available in both chest and upright models.


Laboratorijski zamrzivači na -80°C

Thermo Scientific -80°C lab freezers, also known as ultra-low freezers (ULT), are designed first and foremost to protect samples. They're also designed to maximize storage capacity by offering a range of upright and chest models to accommodate a variety of laboratory footprint requirements.

Sistemi za krioprezervaciju i prateći probor

Transport and store nonhazardous materials, cells, tissues, industrial gases, and other biological samples with the highest safety and security. Designed to meet the rigorous storage requirements of cryogenic samples, our cryopreservation systems offer extended hold times, low power consumption, and no greenhouse gas emissions.


Sistemi za krioprezervaciju

Veliki izbor opreme za čuvanje uzoraka u tečnom azotu


Storage Tubes & Cryotubes

For 40 years researchers have trusted the Thermo Scientific Nalgene, Nunc and Matrix portfolio for safe sample storage. Each tube and vial is engineered to mitigate risk and maintain sample integrity.

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