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Thermo Scientific™

kompletan izbor laboratorijskih aparata za svakodnevnu upotrebu


Laboratorijski šejkeri

With a wide range of offerings—including analog or digital; open air, incubated, or refrigerated; and benchtop, floor, and stackable models—Thermo Scientific orbital shakers, rockers, and rotators are designed to deliver outstanding performance, accuracy, and reproducible results for all your application needs.


Laboratorijske mešalice i grejne ploče

A combination of superior performance, advanced safety, and operational simplicity makes it easy to find the perfect hotplate or stirrer for all your laboratory requirements.


Suva kupatila

Thermo Scientific versatile dry baths / block heaters offer a wide range of blocks to accommodate various tubes and plates.


Vodena kupatila

Our microprocessor-controlled Thermo Scientific water baths provide superior temperature uniformity for your specific applications and offer unique features such as a seamless-stainless steel interior chamber and epoxy-coated exterior which make them resistant to corrosion and chemical damage.



The Thermo Scientific circulating baths are designed to meet your temperature control needs with advanced, configurable solutions and optimized work areas while occupying a minimal footprint in the lab.


Aparati za prečišćavanje vode

Our complete line of water purification technologies includes solutions for your most critical and everyday application needs, from electrodeionization to reverse osmosis and distillation.


Elektrohemijski aparati

Our portfolio of pH meters, electrodes, solutions, and accessories for pH, ion concentration (ISE), conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature analysis are designed for making routine and reliable measurements in water and liquid analysis.


SpeedVac koncentratori

Select Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ power supplies for horizontal (agarose) or vertical (polyacrylamide) gel electrophoresis systems of various kinds, whether tanks, chambers, sequencers, or blotters.


Instrumenti za mikrotitar ploče

Easy-to-use microplate readers, dispensers, washers, and incubators help you get reproducible results from your microplate-based assays.

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